Manufacturing Execution System

Coovum’s MESON 4.0TM on Cloud is an Industry 4.0 based end-to-end solution which caters all functions of an Industry or Enterprise starting from Suppliers to Customers, enhancing the business performance and transparency. Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is one module of MESON 4.0TM, which handles the stock available at Stores, Work-in Progress and Finished Goods. It also gives inputs to Management team in arriving at schedule of items for procurement.

Software overview

  • Vendor Orders, supplies

    Customer orders, Delivery

      • Customer orders, Raw materials & Production status


      • Schedules, Raw materials & Production status

        Planning, scheduling
        & tracking

      • work-In progress

    • Rejections Finished Goods
      • Productivity


      • Productivity


      • Productivity


  • Cloud

Salient Features

  • Measurement of critical parameters of manufacturing chain through Sensor Nodes and automated storage to Cloud by State of Art IoT enabled Gateway and Communication technologies.

  • Online control of critical Equipments / Machinery, using localised Embedded Controllers.

  • Live status up-date & tracking of Work in Progress, including the quantum of rejections at each stage.

  • Integration with other modules of MESON 4.0TM giving detailed picture of WIP and manufacturing status.

  • Web Application for Admin – MES and Mobile Application for Shop Floor Operators.

  • User friendly Dash Board with historical trends.

    Key Benefits

  • Reduced Manufacturing cycle time by automation of processes and elimination of manual data entry.

  • Effective utilisation of Work-in Progress and resources, leading to improved manufacturing efficiency.

  • Improved Equipment and Asset effectiveness by facilitating predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime and keep manufacturing operations running smoothly.

  • User friendly Dash Board, providing critical business metrics, a vital information for top management.

  • Scalable, flexible, agile, pay-per-use model, suitable for businesses of all sizes

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