Digital Transformation of Enterprises

Our highly optimized on-cloud and on-premises digital platforms transform your businesses into highly productive enterprises. With scalability, modularity and flexibility forming the core of our systems, the businesses can expand seamlessly and maximize their profits rapidly.

Why Coovum?

Distributed Computing

Intelligence distributed throughout the network, right from physical devices to the application layer, improves the decision making process and minimizes machine failures. Machine learning algorithms optimizes the data storage / mining and communication bandwidth.

SAAS & IAAS Platforms

Our digital platforms enable the customers to focus on their core businesses without getting into the nitty-gritties of technologies. A simple registration process will allow access to our applications in a jiffy. Hardware deployment are carried out by experienced personnel.

Data Security

Customer businesses using digital platforms thrive on data security. Emphasising this, our hardware and software platforms have been designed with robust security processes bringing a high level of reliability to our solutions.

Scalable Systems

Enterprises expand their business seamlessly by creating their own branches, franchisees, and partners using a simple configuration process. Web and mobile platforms provide the management with a high level of transparency on the functioning of individual units to the cumulative performance of all units.

Reports & Dashboards

Integration of analytical tools and machine learning algorithms provide insights into the operations. Layers of dashboards for each stakeholder and dynamic reports are some of the hallmarks of our platforms.

Customer Experience

Predictive maintenance, zero data loss, information transparency, products traceability, and data security boosts the customer confidence. Our elegant UI / UX models with easy navigation provide an immersive user experience to the customer.

End-to-End Implementation

Understanding that the future enterprises require seamless connectivity between hardware and software to be more successful, our plug-and-play intelligent hardware systems quickly adapt to the dynamic environments using wired and wireless interfaces.

Open Platforms

Both hardware and software systems are designed using open standards providing high level of flexibility to the customers. Any 3rd party tool can be integrated with our system using API calls.

Our Activities


Anywhere, Anytime, locating of fleet and assets.

Customized application allows individuals, communities, and small to large enterprises to fully leverage the technology benefits for their transportation activities.

Heterogeneous attendance and access control system using finger-print, RFID, PIN and face signatures.

Highly flexible and scalable, this system provides a fool-proof attendance tracking and controls the data and physical resources access authorization using the mobile phones.

An Industry 4.0 Metamorphosis

Our IoT, Data Analytics and Cloud Computing Industry 4.0 platform is adept at addressing the dynamic industry needs. Traditional constraints are removed paving way for transparency in data and product flow right from raw material supplier to the end customer for faster decision making.

Next generation wireless and cloud infrastructure for educational institutes.

A complete digital and green platform where students, parents, faculty and management work together for the holistic growth of the students.

Key Features

  • data security

  • scalable solutions

  • modular design

  • ERP integration

  • standards compliance

  • Connected systems

  • Open protocol

  • customization

  • open tools

  • technical support

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