Understanding the need for hyperlocal networks, our innovative TauixTM platform combines rich neighborhood services, community services, sophisticated personalized analytics, and tailored services, fused into a dynamic user experience. From reducing transactional time, to cutting operational costs, to ensure residents safety, Tau’s wireless, cloud and analytics platform is harnessed to address not just today’s problems, but to address tomorrow’s challenges.

Salient Features

  • A SMART end-to-end platform for all your community and independent living needs

  • Hassle-free communication between residents, office bearers, FMS and admin

  • Tracking visitors, staff, vendors and security personnel using wireless technologies

  • Alerts and notifications to ensure safety and improve living standards

  • Anytime, anywhere information access with user friendly mobile apps

  • Distributed sensors for safety, security and comfort

  • Payment gateway for online payments

  • Dashboards for intuitive experience

  • Easy access to government utilities – Electricity, Water, and Sewage

  • Online repository for quick access and sharing of critical documents

Intelligent, Disruptive and Futuristic

An Intelligent Home platform that is designed exclusively to meet your ever increasing needs. Not just monitoring and controlling your home, this system also provides a gamut of eServices 24 x 7 to make your experience truly holistic. Built using advanced technologies, scalable architectures and user friendly mobile apps, we have ensured that we create a best-of-class environment for every resident.

    • Alerts & Reminders

      Never miss the payments! Set alerts and reminders for utility, maintenance, fee, and insurance payments

    • eVault

      No more scrambling for documents at critical moments, Use our user-friendly eVaultservices to store and share files.

    • IP Door Bell

      Home Alone! Busy? Sleeping? The IP Door bell allows you to see, speak and hear your visitor on your mobile before you grant him access

    • Remote Monitor

      Monitor your home from anywhere and anytime

    • Safety & Security

      Away from home? Our intelligent hub with CCTV, burglar alarms, gas leak detector and smoke detector keeps your home from intrusions and disasters

    • Locality Search

      Our customized Locality Search service finds authorized plumbers, mechanics, electricians, tuition teachers or doctors in your Neighborhood

    • Remote Control

      Use your mobile as a remote control to actuate lights, fans, ACs, heaters, water tank and any other electrical and electronic device from any geographic location

Tau Smart Community

Tau community system push forward a futuristic gated community environment where mobile applications, embedded sensors and actuators are self-managed and remotely controlled using Internet technology. These devices sense and record user and vehicle activities, control electrical appliances such as lights and motors, and create a safe, secured and efficient environment. No more Complaints Register and Staff/Visitor Attendance Note books! A futuristic, eco-friendly mobile App for managing your entire community services !

  • Manage

    Residents, FMS, Office Bearers, Admin, Infrastructure and Utilities with easy to use featues

  • Communicate

    Chats, SMS, Email, Gallery for effective communication

  • Pay

    Salaries, pay maintenance fees, pay vendors using our integrated payment gateway

  • Track

    Complaints, vehicles, staff, vendors, house maids, and assets with simple yet powerful
    RFID solution

  • Monitor and Control

    Water tank monitoring system and wireless switch panels for controlling electrical and electronic appliances

  • Safety & Security

    Burglar alarms, Security cameras, gas leak sensors, smoke detection sensors, boom barriers, and visitors ID cards for safety and security management

Mobile App

One App, Features Galore

  • safety

  • security

  • comfort

  • connect

  • monitor

  • control

  • shop

  • travel

  • search

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