Supplier Relationship Management

Coovum’s Industry 4.0 is an end-to-end Supply Chain solution which caters to all functions of an Industry or Enterprise right from Suppliers to Customers, enhancing the business performance and transparency. Supplier Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the modules of ‘Coovum - Industry 4.0’, which handles identification of Suppliers (Vendors) for procurement of raw materials and components, needed for the manufacturing and effective management of Suppliers.

Software overview

  • Stores

    • Finance

    • Admin - Purchase/
      Sub - Contract

    • Inspection

  • Suppliers

Salient Features

  • Registration of Suppliers and creation of database of them with their profile, contact details and products and services.

  • Easy generation of Enquiries and Purchase Orders (PO).

  • Automatic alerts / notifications / reminders through SMS / E-mail to Suppliers for Enquiries and POs.

  • Monitoring of PO status, up-date based on deliveries from suppliers and closure upon completion of deliveries.

  • Tracking quality of supplies, based on inspection and feedback to suppliers for improvements.

  • Identification & registration of new Suppliers, so as to create a broader and competitive vendor base.

  • Logging feedback from Suppliers on any inspection, payment issues and resolution of the same.

  • Overall Status monitoring through an User friendly Dash Board.

Key Benefits

  • Effective tracking of Purchase Orders, Deliveries and Payments.

  • Improves Product quality by control of rejections of incoming materials from Suppliers.

  • Enhanced Supplier satisfaction by effective communication and on-time payments.

  • Easy visibility to Top Management on Vendor’s performance.

  • Easy review and management of Suppliers.

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