Smart Gate Pass

A comprehensive and intuitive solution that is replacing
the traditional,infrastructure-based ways of
managing security

An AI based Face Recognition and Authentication system for tracking
people entering and leaving a campus

Mobile Smart Gate Pass

A system that manages visitors, tracks attendance, and detects unauthorized personnel using image and video analytics


  • Recognizes if new entrant or visited in the past

  • New Registration for first time Visitors

  • Alerts for the Visitee with the image and identity of the Visitor

  • Permission to Visitor granted based on Visitee’s confirmation

  • Data logging of IN / OUT timings of Visitors

  • Report generation based on duration, Visitors & Visitees

Key benefits

  • A comprehensive and intuitive solution that is replacing the traditional, infrastructure-based ways of managing security

  • Eases work for the Security staff with a click on the Mobile

  • Help visitors to arrive from the gate to doorstep seamlessly

  • Easy traceability of past records

  • Enhancement of Security measures based data analytics

Mobile App

How the system works?


  • Gated Communities

  • Schools & Colleges

  • Hospitals

  • Industries

  • Government Buildings

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