Coovum Smart Education

Convergence of education and technology for experiential learning

Coovum’s Pion is a Smart Education Management System that seamlessly delivers educational and information services to students, faculty, parents and management using wireless and cloud technologies. This smart grid removes the geographic and time barriers for information access, and facilitates enhanced collaboration between students and faculty for productive learning

  • Payment Gateway

  • Ewallet

  • Email

  • Chat

  • SMS Gateway

Salient Features

  • Multi-purpose smart card for class attendance, fleet attendance, canteen access, library transactions, and access control.

  • An end-to-end platform for all your academic needs.

  • Academic and Extra-curricular performances using easily understandable visual charts.

  • Anytime, anywhere information access with user friendly mobile and web apps.

  • Alerts and notifications to ensure safety and improve learning productivity.

  • Facilitation of continuous interactions between parents, students, faculty and management for pro-active measures.

  • Online analysis of historical data record for performance patterns over a period of time.

  • Maintenance of all personal records such as birth certificate, transfer certificate, conduct certificate, medical reports, etc., under one central repository.

  • Health records linked to hospitals for quick treatments.

  • Payment gateway for fee and other statutory payments.

  • eWallet for cash-free payment in canteen and bookstores.

  • Staff payroll is directly linked to the attendance within our system.

Benefits of Pion

Green Eco & Smart Card

  • Digital information minimizes paper usage and reduces the carbon footprint

  • A single card that automates class / school attendance, fleet attendance, canteen access, bookstore access, profile sharing, and hospitals access

Smart Management

  • Any data at the click of a button

  • Decision making with up-to-date real-time data

  • High operational efficiency

  • Profile sharing with inter campuses, intra campuses and hospitals for increased flexibility

Transparency & Flexibility

  • Students, Parents, Faculty and Management on the same plane with consistent information

  • Online facilitation of Leave and Payment for parents

Safe Campus

  • Wireless ‘plug-and-play’ security system

  • Motion detection alerts

  • Live streaming or recorded playback using mobile and web access

Models & Features

Faculty / Students Parents / Students Management
Leave Management School / Class Attendance Staff / Students Performance
Grades Fleet Attendance Security Monitoring
Attendance Payment Gateway Attendance Staff / Students Attendance
Assignments Leaves Time Table Management
Assessment Feedback Alert Messages Report Management
Alerts Assignments Asset Management
Grades Library Management
Fleet Monitoring
Payroll Management

Pion Smart Education Infrastructure

  • Digital Campus

  • Fleet Tracking

  • Monitoring

  • Cloud Server

  • Dashboard

  • Digital Payment

  • Staff Payroll

  • Profile Sharing

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