IoT Platform

Internet of Things (IoT) Platform of Coovum are products indigenously developed for applications of remote monitoring and control of devices,
equipment and machines, which integrate with all applications of MESON 4.0TM

Salient features of IoT Platform

  • Multiple options of Analog / Digital interfaces with high sampling rate for accessing sensor data. Analog: 0 – 10V, 4 – 20mA Digital: RS-232, RS-485 RTU Modbus, I2C

  • Multiple options of wired / wireless interfaces for taking data to on-premises or on-cloud Server. Wired: LAN, USB Wireless: WiFi, GPRS (2G / 3G / 4G), LoRaWAN

  • Protocols used: HTTP, MQTT.

  • Local Server for storage of high data with real time stamping.

  • Edge Analytics implementation for local processing of data.

The products range with salient features

  • Industrial IoT Gateway

    • 32-bit ARM Cortex – A8 CPU @ 600MHz – 1GHz.

    • Wired Interfaces : 8 Channels of 4-20 mA / 0-5V Analog inputs, RS232, Ethernet & USB.

    • Wireless Interface: WiFi, GPRS (2G / 3G / 4G).

    • Data Storage : Non Volatile Memory & Add-on Micro SD Card.

    • Built in Real Time Clock & Server.

    • LEDs for Power, Communication and Device status indications.

    • Power supply : 24V DC

  • ‘Neutrino’ – BLE Gateway

    • 32-bit ARM Cortex – M4 CPU @ 64 MHz.

    • Wireless Interface: BLE – 20 Channels & Near Field Communication (NFC).

    • Computer interface: Micro USB.

    • Power ON LED.

    • Power supply : External through USB or Button Cell, 3.0V.

  • WiFi Gateway

    • An open source platform based on ESP 8266, a Microcontroller with built-in WiFi.

    • Built-in wireless connectivity, using IEEE 802.11 b/g/n protocol.

    • I/O capability : UART, I2C, PWM, GPIO, 1 ADC.

    • Power Supply: USB powered 3.3V.

    • Applications : Sensor Nodes, Interface to Weighing Scales and any other devices, having compatible I/O interface.

  • Timer Control Unit

    • Controls the running time of machines such as centrifuge, cutting.

    • Microcontroller based system with LCD for display of mode and time.

    • Precise control of Timer duration from 30 to 180 secs.

    • Normally closed Relay contact with 30A current rating for interface to Starter.

    • Secured password for time setting.

    • Counter initiation from Remote Start.

    • Compact & rugged enclosure for deployment in challenging environments.

  • Energy Monitoring Unit

    • Monitors energy consumption of the machines.

    • 3-Phase and 1-Phase energy meters.

    • 60A current handling capacity.

    • Compact & rugged enclosure for deployment in industrial environments.

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