Inventory Management

Coovum’s Industry 4.0 is an end-to-end Supply Chain solution which caters to all functions of an Industry or Enterprise right from Suppliers to Customers, enhancing the business performance and transparency. Inventory Management is one of the modules of ‘Coovum - Industry 4.0TM’, which handles the stock available at Stores, Work-in Progress and Finished Goods. It also interacts with other modules with regard to up-dation of stock.

Salient Features

  • Information on Raw Materials, Components, Finished and Semi-finished Goods.

  • Automatic Stock up-date – Inward Goods, Finished Goods credit, Issues / Returns, WIP.

  • Planning & Scheduling based on inputs from inventory.

  • Easy search of Stock by Description, Part No & Vendor.

  • Stock Reports – Print & Downloadable options.

  • Admin Web Application for Top Management, Stores and Production.

  • Tab / Mobile Application for Shop Floor Supervisors & User Friendly Dash Board.

Key Benefits

  • Eases Planning & Scheduling & quicker business decisions.

  • Vital trigger for minimum threshold of stock and FG Credit.

  • Critical business metrics & Alerts on Dash Board for Top Management.

  • Off-line data analysis feasible with Reports – Printable or Downloadable options.

  • Scalable, flexible, agile, pay-per-use model, suitable for businesses of all sizes

Software overview

  • Planning & Scheduling

    Current stock used to plan and schedule for new orders.

  • Inwards

    Fresh inward goods get updated in stock.

  • Delivery

    Delivery commences based on finished goods in stock.

  • CRM

    Customer complaints resolved by spares from stores.

  • MES

    Work-in-progress captured form MES up-dates semi-finished stock.

  • Top Management

    Critical metrices on inventory visible to top management through dashboard.

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