Intelligent Wireless Gateways for EV Charging Stations

A complete wireless infrastructure to connect the charging stations to OCPP servers to connecting customers
using mobile apps for booking and transactions

Human Machine Interface

  • Welcome Screen

  • Charging time setting screen

  • Status of charging

Charge Box and Central System

Charge box present in an FC communicates to Central System using OCPP 1.6J protocol

Central System provides FC reservation facility for users and controls FC operation from Remote location

Web Application Mobile Application
Data Collection Data Support OCPP Controlled
Cloud Server
(Receives Serial Data)
Service Screen – Network
Settings, Adding New Charging
Station & OCCP Operations
HMI Display
Admin Screen – Billing
Configuration & Revenue
User Screen Serial Data Wi - Fi / Ethernet /GPRS
FC Machine Serial Data
Charging Station (Serial Data)

HMI & Charging Controller

  • Human Machine Interface with Graphical Display for EV Chargers

  • Local Controller for each Charger

  • Implements OCPP 1.6 J over web sockets

  • Interfaces with Charger hardware through USB port

  • Communication to chargers implemented using Frame Structures

  • Central System

  • OCPP 1.6 J

    Fast Charger

  • Local Controller (OCPP 1.6 J )


Electric Vehicle Charger

Hardware for electric vehicle charger OEMs

  • Human Machine Interface & Local Controller for Electric Vehicle Chargers

  • OCPP 1.6 J implemented

  • Customizable HMI

  • Interface through Serial Port

OCPP Application

  • HTTP Server to connect the EV Chargers from different manufacturers

  • Billing configuration facilities

  • Revenue Reports

  • Fault History of Chargers

Mobile App

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