Attendance & Payroll

Coovum’s MESON 4.0TM on Cloud is an Industry 4.0 based end-to-end solution which caters all functions of an Industry or Enterprise starting from Suppliers to Customers, enhancing the business performance and transparency. Attendance & Payroll is one module of MESON 4.0TM, which handles the Attendance, Leave status and Payroll related information of the Employees of an organisation.

Salient Features

  • Captures information on Employees’ Educational / Professional / Organisational / Personal details.

  • Facial / Bio-metric based Attendance linked to Server provides time stamping of Employees’ In / Outward movement.

  • Online application of Leave / OD request by the Employee and recommendation / approval by the Superior, as per the hierarchy.

  • Automatic computation of Net Salary payments, after mandatory deductions like PF, ESI and other attendance related data.

  • Instantaneous preview / report generation for Attendance and Salary details of an Employee or a group in Dept / Division for a selected date / duration.

  • Admin Web Application for HR Head.

  • Overall status monitoring through an User friendly Dash Board.

Key Benefits

  • Online Attendance system totally eliminates the manual method of keeping ledgers / registers.

  • Automatic computation of Salary reduces the accounting efforts, thereby enhancing the operational efficiency.

  • User friendly Dash Board providing critical metrics, related to Attendance and Leave, helps the management to review with the concerned Employee or Group for corrective measures.

  • Duration based historic reports enable analysis and take appropriate corrective measures or Policy changes.

  • Scalable, flexible, agile, pay-per-use model.

  • Employees

    Thumb / Facial Interface
  • Bio-metric Attendance

    Attendance Data
  • Server

  • Admin-Head


  • Employees Login

    Leave / OD

  • Supervisor

    Leave / OD

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