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Wireless Asset Tracking

Use of wireless technologies has pervaded the asset tracking system to such an extent that it has become the defacto standard. The barcodes have been replaced by RFID technology which does not require a line-of-sight connectivity. Tag the assets with RFID labels and connect them to a server. Bang! You are all set to track the assets from any remote corner.

Authorize the shipment. Monitor the loading and unloading times. Monitor the personnel handling the assets. All these without your physical presence at the asset location.

Coovum’s Asset Management System comprises RFID tags, RFID readers, Wireless devices, GPS. Cloud Storage and Mobile devices. These combined technologies provide the employers and management the ‘where’ and ‘when’ of the assets. Accurate time and location stamps provide credibility to the quality of the data. What more! Human errors are substantially reduced improving the overall productivity.

Enterprise Resource Planning

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ERP Integrated

Data from the assets are communicated to the server using wireless and cellular technologies depending on whether the assets are in a warehouse or in transit. Analytics are performed on the data and various visual patterns are generated for the management to make quick decisions.

Data integration with standard ERP tools such as SAP, Oracle and People Soft are done. Based on the customer requirements proprietary formats are also provided.

Comprehensive reports with user friendly formats are provided

1. Total Asset Report

2. Assets in Warehouse Report

3. Assets in Transit Report

4. Missing Assets Report


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