Coovum's Pion is a Smart Education Management System that seamlessly delivers educational and information services to student, faculty, parents and anagement using wireless and cloud technologies. This smart grid removes the geographic and time barriers for information access,and facilities enhanced collaboration between students and
faculty for productive learning.

Transforming today’s educational institutions into inquisitive platforms where students proactively involve in learning. Our platform is carefully designed to bring students, parents, faculty and management on the same plane so that transparency is maintained. Advanced technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data and Cloud Computing are used to expose the students to prepare them for global careers.

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Our experience working in industries around the globe has given us first-hand information on how the institutions function, and we intend to provide our students the same global experience through our innovative platforms. A strong technical team has dedicatedly worked round-the-clock to bring the most advanced technologies to the ground level where students can use them with utmost ease. Strong expertise in these heterogeneous technologies has further helped develop a scalable and flexible platform where educational resources can be added without any set-up time.


Our features are not an afterthought, they were carefully designed after deliberations with students, parents and staff not only in India but also across the globe. So, you can be rest assured that innovation is at its best with Pion. We do not rest on our laurels but strive hard to educate ourselves to expose
the students to worldclass technologies.


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Track your grades, time table and assignments on daily or need basis. Special notifications to parents on student’s progress and recommendations. Parents can share their feedback directly using the app. Leave applications are made easier using our online technology. Extra-curricular and cultural activities are also managed by using this single portal.


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Using proximity wireless technology your attendance within bus, school campus and class is obtained automatically. Teachers therefore spend their time effectively in disseminating the education to the students. Access to physical resources can be controlled easily using the user-friendly apps.


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With our payment gateway, parents are avoided the trouble in making the statutory fee payments. Their busy schedules need not be comprised, the payment can be done while on their move from any place. The students’ are empowered with eWallet where the same attendance cards can be used to pay for their snacks, books and stationary.


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Whether my children boarded and alighted the bus at an appropriate place at appropriate time! This is a perennial problem faced by almost every parents. This seriousness is well appreciated and we provide a solution where the parents can breathe easy. Our innovative fleet tracking system tracks the children in the bus, campus and class keeping the parents’ fear at bay.


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Our wireless security system is not only used for surveillance purpose but also to capture important events and then share the clips to parents. For optimal use, either cloud storage or local storage on hard disk can be configured. Mobile app and web browser increase the scope of monitoring beyond the geographic barriers.


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The complete physical infrastructure of the campus is remotely monitored using our wireless technologies. Automatic alerts are generated in case of violations. Similarly, books in the library are tagged with wireless stickers which capture the inventory without any effort. Check-in and Check-out of the books are made very simple by using this technology.


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Why going with a separate accounts software when we provide the same feature within our package. Your employees’ attendance and efforts are automatically linked to the payroll system. So, no need to worry anymore that you might miss some data when moving across applications. Disputes are resolved quickly with every data that requires substantiation is available on our platform.


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By using our advanced analytics, the attendance, academic and assessment data are comprehensively analyzed and patterns are generated. These reports are shared to the parents and management for pro-active measures. Visual patterns enhance the understandability even by layman standards.


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Content providers can use our user-friendly APIs to stream their education content without worrying about the underlying complex technologies. We provide access and authorization control, so the 3rd parties can use these features to choose what data to provide to whom. Data security at every level ensures your data is safely managed.