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Entire Apartment Management With The Click Of A Button!

Tau community system push forward a futuristic gated community environment where mobile applications, embedded sensors and actuators are self-managed and remotely controlled using Internet technology. These devices sense and record user and vehicle activities, control electrical appliances such as lights and motors, and create a safe, secured and efficient environment.

Resident and Vehicle Data , Complaints Management, Utilities Booking, Broadcast messages, share photos, Chat with your neighbours and many more features !

Tau Smart Community

No more Complaints Register and Staff/Visitor Attendance Note books! No more unwanted phone calls at odd hours to officebearers A futuristic,
eco-friendly And Efficient mobile And Web Application for managing your entire community services. User-friendly Mobile Application For Residents, Officebearers and Facility Management Services Personnel !

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Resident App - IOS
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Facility Management Services
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