Boson Fleet and Asset Tracker

Our Smart Fleet and Asset Management System, Boson, combines advanced technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud Computing and Mobile Platforms to locate fleet and assets using web and mobile applications. Driver authentication, trip schedule, trip time, idling time, speed patterns, assets on board, loading and unloading time, over-speed and accident alerts are some of the USPs of Boson. With this suite of features, Boson is ideal for supply chain management
applications for multiple market verticals.



Optimized Fleet Usage

Using our intelligent analytics, find ‘right-size of your fleet for a given task and manage geographically distributed centers efficiently

Integrated Operations

Integrate workforce management and asset tracking for end-to-end supply chain

Scalable Services

Highly efficient software design caters to increase of fleet size without disrupting the incumbent system

Data Driven Decisions

Real-time data on fleet, assets and workforce on web and mobile apps give the management the power to take decisions based on actual data

Cost Reduction

Route and fleet optimization, asset tracking using wireless technologies, and workforce management facilitate a significant reduction in the operational cost

High ROI

A ‘marginal’ investment in our fleet and asset tracking system will fetch organizations a high ROI by integrating IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud Computing and Mobile devices

Boson IoT & Cloud Platform

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Onboard IoT Platform integrating RFID, GPS, Surveillance Camera and Sensors for tracking of assets, local ambience control, and location tracking

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Enterprise cloud for data recording, analytics and predictions, mobile platforms for data visualization and dashboards, and ERP integration

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Our innovative system locates vehicles, tracks personnel and assets, allows management to take factual decisions irrespective of location and time


Industrial Automation

Supply Chain Management

Telemetry & Fleet Tracking

Models & Features

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